vagrant up でvirtualboxのダウンロードが始まった際にすること


Virtualbox 5.1.x

vagrant 1.8.4以下

==>  Provider 'virtualbox' not found. We'll automatically install it now...
     The installation process will start below. Human interaction may be
     required at some points. If you're uncomfortable with automatically
     installing this provider, you can safely Ctrl-C this process and install
     it manually.
==>  Downloading VirtualBox 5.0.10...
     This may not be the latest version of VirtualBox, but it is a version
     that is known to work well. Over time, we'll update the version that
     is installed.
==>  Installing VirtualBox. This will take a few minutes...
     You may be asked for your administrator password during this time.
     If you're uncomfortable entering your password here, please install
     VirtualBox manually.

VirtualBox 5.0.10 がインストールされてしまうので、vagrantを1.8.5以上にします。


brew cask install vagrant