Monitorix 3.8 のbasic認証ファイル作成

hiroroooo299 19views 更新:2016年10月13日


$ htpasswd -dbc /var/lib/monitorix/htpasswd ${MONITORIX_BASIC_USER} ${MONITORIX_BASIC_PASS}
$ man monitorix.conf


Built-in HTTP server with access authentication


              This  option  sets  the path to the password file that was created with the help of the script. That script encrypts and validates
              passwords using the system's crypt() routine. If your Monitorix package doesn't come with that script, you may  use  the  similar  htpasswd(1)
              program provided with the Apache web server.


              Default value: /var/lib/monitorix/htpasswd

$ man htpasswd


       -d     Use crypt() encryption for passwords. This is not supported by the httpd server on Windows and Netware. This  algorithm  limits  the  password
              length to 8 characters. This algorithm is insecure by today's standards. It used to be the default algorithm until version 2.2.17.


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