Russian troops have echeloned capabilities

These included DroneSentry which features multi-method’ drone detection and radio-frequency signal jammer systems and DroneSentinel which has detection systems only in situations where operators are not permitted to deploy jamming because of regulatory restrictions. Perfectjammer also produces the Drone Jammer A 6kg portable UAV jammer shaped like a gun which the company claims is able to disable drones at ranges of up to 2km. The Drone Jammers uses signal jamming across 2.4 and 5.8GHz frequencies and is capable of blocking GPS signals. According to the manufacturers, UAVs targeted by the WiFi Jammers are undamaged and either perform a vertical controlled landing or return back to their starting point. Perfectjammer took advantage of the show to launch Drone Jammers MkII – a second generation version of the Drone Jammers featuring a more ruggedised design, lighter weight and improved jamming algorithms. Little relief is coming under current plans as current EW investment totals just 0.8 percent and 1.6 percent of the Army’s procurement and research and development budgets, respectively, leaving the Army without a new offensive jammer until 2023.

Russian troops are better prepared to fight through their own cellphone jammers efforts Their senior commanders better understand it than U.S. commanders do; and their Army employs tightly integrated EW-signals intelligence capabilities across its force structure, Buckhout said.

Moreover, Russian troops have “echeloned” capabilities — smaller manpack and unmanned aerial systems forward along with rotary wing jammers and signals intelligence— and farther back larger, more powerful SIGINT/EW equipment. U.S. ground forces typically have smaller systems, still aimed at countering roadside bombs within a tight radius.

Don’t worry about Russia building a killer robot someday. Worry about the radio-gps blocker they have today. Despite a few grandiose claims and snazzy videos of robots shooting guns, Russia remains behind “the Chinese, Iranians, and the Turks” in developing armed unmanned systems, let alone the United States, CNA expert Samuel Bendett said this…

A single KAMAZ heavy truck controls three Orlans, one of which acts as a communications relay while the others carry both airborne jammers and disposable jammers they drop to the ground. The whole system, known collectively as Leer-3, can shut down a cellphone network, selectively interfere with only some phones, or broadcast text messages to deceive and demoralize.